Disabled Veteran’s Blockage problems!

No, this is not a story of digestion problems. It is one of a veteran owned business being retaliated against because of handicap parking demands in lot where vet rents a commercial unit. Believe it or not the landlord refuses to have required handicap parking spaces at 785 Terryville Ave in Bristol. Adding to the Vet’s misery he now faces eviction. The story is not only about handicapped parking spots, it’s about less than a minimum 36 in clearance in the pathway or walkway in front of his double glass doors. A simple minimal cost solution was proposed and accepted by landlord prior to tenancy and lease signing. Now no space, now no clear pathway. Visit Paul to give him moral support this weekend at 785 Terryville Ave. June 10th is Ct open house day. Visit Hartco trunks micro-musem and showroom. See Hartco Trunks on meta. No deadbeat here, I pay my rent every month. My landlord, evidently believes in the promises made/ promises broken motto. Look for the landlord’s car parked permanently in front of front doors. Can anyone say blockage?

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