Bristol Eastern named top-performing school in Childhood Education and Services

Big congratulations to the Bristol Eastern High School Child and Family Development students for being named the top-performing school in early childhood education and services in the 2015 Connecticut Statewide and Technical Education Assessment! Last semester sixteen students were enrolled in Crieghton Paquette-Claman’s (Family and Consumer sciences teacher) Individual Child and Family Development course. Of the sixteen students, Bristol Eastern collectively had the highest average among Connecticut Schools.

Mrs. Paquette-Claman’s Individual Child and Family Development course is equivalent to UConn’s rigorous 1070 Lifespan Psychology course. Not only do Eastern students enrolled in the course get a chance to gain college credit, but the course also helps students decide if childhood education, family development or psychology is a field of study they may want to pursue post high school graduation.

In addition, five of the sixteen students were also awarded Braindance Awards, sponsored by the Institute of Living and Hartford Hospital. Although, Mrs. Paquette-Claman’s awarded students have graduated, Paquette-Claman shared with the Bristol Public Schools Spotlight on Education, that her current students are inspired and hard at work to live up to last years students! Congratulations to Mrs. Paquette-Claman and her students on another year being named the top-performing school in early childhood education and services and may this upcoming semester be better than ever!

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