Storage Giant Pods Cleared to Build at Southeast Industrial Park

Big business news from the mothership at City Hall! 

Bristol is about to gain another feather in the Southeast Industrial Park’s cap in the form of the construction of a new regional distribution center for national storage giant brand, Pods (by Uniprop AM). Impressed with Bristol’s passion to produce quick and swift results, upper echelon management at Pods were so struck by Bristol’s heart to make a deal happen that it became clear that Bristol, above all other options, was the right place and go-getting culture that Pods wanted to take part in.

The Mayor’s Office released a statement on the exciting news. Check it out:

The Mayor’s Office is pleased to announce that the Bristol Development Authority and Planning Commission have granted the necessary approvals to allow Uniprop AM, LLC and Connecticut Portable Storage LLC to begin construction on a 127,000 square foot distribution facility that will bolster the City’s tax base, bring up to 40 new jobs to Bristol, and continue momentum in the City’s red-hot Southeast Bristol Business Park.

Uniprop AM, LLC will purchase approximately 14 acres of land fronting CT-229 (Middle Street) within the Southeast Bristol Business Park at a cost of $703,040. Connecticut Portable Storage LLC, which operates as the Connecticut/Western Massachusetts franchise of the portable storage container company PODS, will occupy the facility. Connecticut Portable Storage will merge two PODS distribution operations located elsewhere in Connecticut and move all operations to Bristol.

“We could not be more excited to welcome Uniprop and Connecticut Portable Storage to the City of Bristol,” said Mayor Cockayne. “Glenn Couch and Roger Zlotoff of Uniprop have been a pleasure to work with by communicating their requirements as the developer but also working to accommodate the City’s interests and requirements. Also, Robert Robitaille of Connecticut Portable Storage is an incredibly sharp, down-to-earth business owner that will be a welcome addition to the community.”

Glenn Couch of Uniprop cited the support that his company received from City of Bristol staff and policymakers as a key factor in his decision to locate in Bristol. “There are other locations in the area that Uniprop and Connecticut Portable Storage could have chosen to develop,” he stated. “It became clear that Mayor Cockayne and his team would make our project a priority to ensure Bristol rose above other communities under consideration. Uniprop and Connecticut Portable Storage are grateful for the support we have received from City staff, the Bristol Development Authority Board, Planning Commission, City Council, and the community.”

The project is particularly important, added Justin Malley, Executive Director of the Bristol Development Authority, because Connecticut Portable Storage will occupy the largest, most high-profile building lot in the business park. “Over the last few years we have built momentum in the Southeast Bristol Business Park after welcoming CMI Specialty Products and Precision Threaded Products years ago,” he said. “We recently brought on GMN USA to develop Lot #4, followed by a planned expansion of CMI Specialty Products, and now invite Uniprop and Connecticut Portable Storage to begin construction of one of the largest distribution buildings in the area.”

Mayor Cockayne added that the City is also working with AMKO LLC, a Connecticut aerospace manufacturer interested in relocating to Bristol and developing Lot #5 of the Southeast Bristol Business Park.


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