A Review You Can’t Engineer

We love positive stories about some of our local gems in the City. Cause we want to highlight these gems so they don’t stay hidden treasures forever. The best way for us to to do that is through highlighting the great experiences of other people. The below review was shared with us by Imagine Nation: A Museum Early Learning Center, when a mother emailed them on her recent experience.

It’s a pretty cool review, and this is before the February 16th grand unveiling of the new GE Makers Lab which will only add onto the uniqueness and engaging qualities of the already wonderful early childhood learning experience. If you haven’t already, set time on the 16th to go to Engineer’s Day, or just book a trip in general, but definitely follow the path of those who are glowing about their experiences. 

In her words:

I brought my three year old today and he had an absolute blast! Usually at these types of museums we tend to blow through things as he losses interest very quickly. They have so much to do here that, even with his short attention span, we spent hours here! The fact that they have so many different stations and make it so easy for kids to learn is wonderful. They even have places for the kids to create their own artwork and bring it home! My son LOVED this and spent almost 45 minutes doing crafts! It’s on the second floor…do it early so your paints and glue have time to dry! They even have wonderful racks to put it aside and let it dry well and pick it up on your way out! The staff is so friendly and gets so excited to interact with all the little ones! They engage any kid, even mine who is very shy, and by the end he didn’t want to leave! I recommend this place to anyone with little ones! ITS A BLAST! FIVE STAR REVIEW”

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