Mum Festival to Continue!

We are writing to let you in on an exciting little secret… the Mum Festival is going no where and it’s going to be huge! But shhhhh, ‘Mum’s the Word!’

Bristol All Heart, the marketing partnership of the Bristol Chamber of Commerce and City of Bristol, have teamed with local non profit The Bristol Exchange Club and Bristol Events Squad to ensure the historic Festival sees a 55th year.

Plans are being held close to the vest but the group has been meeting for several months with an expectation of a multi-day event revolving around the fourth weekend of September which would expand on and pay homage to the family festival tradition. Activities will reach across age spectrums for broad appeal. Vendors, food, children’s programming, and especially live music entertainment are expected to be key drivers. Also returning will be the historic Sunday parade, shepherded by The Exchange Club.

Following the disbanding of the Mum Festival Committee months back, there were questions as to whether the event was finished for good, but impassioned talks amongst the community not wanting to see the event go away lit a fire and encouraged a new team to step forward to reload the festival with new energy.

While the team is moving ahead with optimism, the initiative will require strong community support to pull off the admirable lift, and the group is currently seeking sponsorships to pull it off. If you are a community business or organization interested in sponsoring the 2016 Mum Festival & Parade please reach out to Mark Walerysiak Jr (contact attached), for more information.

If you are interested in becoming a food, community, or crafts vendor, please follow up with Andy Adams (contact attached), or if you would like to march in the parade please contact Jack Ferraro (contact attached).

Info and applications for vendors and the parade can also be found online at, which will be continuously updated! The Mum Fest Squad is excited to work with the community to achieve this great feat for Citizens in and around the Bristol region and we look forward to filling the community in as the journey develops. Just remember, “Mum’s the Word!”



Sponsorship & General Inquiries

Mark Walerysiak Jr. 

Festival Chair

Bristol All Heart

p: 860.584.4726



Vendor Inquiries

Andy Adams

Vendor Chair



Parade Inquiries

Jack Ferraro

Parade Chair


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