FAQ – How To Submit Your Events

Have an event coming up that you’d like to get the word out about? Submit it to us at bristolallheart.com to increase attendance! Here is step by step instructions on how to add your event to the site. Stay tuned for future How To’s. 

STEP 1 – Click on Events Map 



STEP 2 – Scroll Down Past “Find Events To Do” and the “Community Calendar” 



STEP 3 – Continue Scrolling Past “This Week” 



STEP 4 – Stop Scrolling when you see the “Submit Your Event” Form 



STEP 5 – Type in Your Event Information  Including Event Title, Organization’s Name, Contact Email, Contact Name, Price or Ticket URL, Date, Location, a Catchy Description, and Website and Social Media LinksEvents_Step5-2final_copy.jpg


STEP 6 – Select the Start Time of Your Event by Clicking on the First Dropdown Menu 



STEP 7 – Make Sure to Select the End Time of Your Event in the Second Dropdown Menu 



STEP 8 – Click on the Red “Attached Image” Icon to Upload a Photograph 



Step 9 – Select a High-Resolution Landscape Photograph* From Your Computer


*If your photograph is primarily text, is low quality, and/or does not meet the size requirements, we may use a different stock photograph to ensure your event page looks it’s best and meets the size requirements for the website. 


STEP 10 – Double Check Your Submission and Then Click Submit


 And your event has been submitted, you did it!


FINAL STEP – The All Heart Team Will Create a Personal Event Page  For You



The All Heart Team works hard to get everyone’s event up in a timely manner. To ensure your event is uploaded in time, please submit your event at least one week in advance. While it may be possible to get your event posted inside of one week (we still encourage you to try), however due to the volume of event submissions we cannot make any promises. Organizations are also welcome to submit events up to two years in advance. Please note: only events held in Bristol will be uploaded to the site. If you have any questions, feel free to email info@bristolallheart.com. Thank you, and we can’t wait to help your event and our City thrive! 

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