Take Part in the 2016 Mum Festival!  


A Fall Event like No Other…

Ladies and gentleman representing asset organizations, institutions, and businesses of Bristol, we are calling on your support to take part in our community’s most historic of events, the 2016 Mum Festival! 

This year will be special as we have something to prove… As you may have heard there was a chance the Mum Fest would be no more, but here’s a little secret…. it will continue!…but with a new team at the helm as Bristol All Heart has partnered with the Bristol Exchange Club to reload the festival in a big way!

We are planning a 4-day extravaganza, of which we are seeking as much community vending participation as possible for Saturday and Sunday September 24-25.

We are asking you to join us to do something special that represents your organization and puts smiles on faces. No matter who you are, you offer something unique, and we want you to become part of this historic feat by uniting to create a memorable event for thousands of festival goers in Bristol and our region! This is our opportunity to show everyone who you are, and collectively who Bristol is.

Think on how you can become a vendor. Get creative. Let’s do this! Below are vending applications with cover letters that will inform you even more on our exciting plans.

Vending Application PDF
Vending Application Online
Mum Festival Website (share!)

If you absolutely cannot vend or want to double down your support we are also seeking sponsorships to pull off this heavy but worthwhile lift!
Sponsorship Form PDF

In the end, we want to do this historic event and our City justice. Let’s put ourselves on the map. Joined together, we know we will make all of us proud. 

Thank you so much, we can’t wait to team up to make the 2016 Mum Festival the best ever!

– Mum Fest Squad

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