Incredible Vendor Interest Provokes Change in Mum Parade Route

When the Mum Squad took on the 2016 Mum Festival powered by Radio 104.1 with the goal of reloading the event with new vision that also paid respect to previous traditions, they could not have expected what would come next.

Not just great response, but overwhelming positive response from citizens, businesses, and organizations throughout the City and region, but especially from vendors.

“It’s been tremendous,” said Vendor Chair Andrea “Andy” Adams. “We dove into this wanting to do big things and people are coming back to us saying they are loving what we’re doing. There are more than twice as many vendors this year, and they’re banging down our doors trying to get into the event. It’s been awesome. We can’t wait for people to see all these great participants make up this pop-up City on Mum Weekend!”

The Mum buzz has swirled through the community and the reenergized Festival has set the vendor world ablaze with unprecedented interest from more than 125 vendors now signed up to take part in the 4-day extravaganza (Sept 22nd through Sept 25th).

To accommodate the Festival’s significant vendor interest the Mum Squad has adjusted the historic Mum Parade route to free up room on streets “hugging” the field. The Parade route will no longer turn left from South Street to Mellen Street. Rather, the route will extend several hundred feet down South St. and will turn left from South to East St. before turning left onto the westbound lane of Memorial Boulevard for the stretch run.

“This adjustment is a big deal [for the parade], we’ve always gone left on Mellen,” said Parade Chair Jack Ferraro. “This says something special is in the air. The growth of the festival has created a great problem so we’re adjusting to meet the success of the fest.

After looking at the new route, it’s perfect. Our message to everyone is to be sure to get your new spots along South Street, East Street, and Memorial Boulevard!”

The official 2016 Mum Parade route:

– Starts on Race Street

– Left on West Street

– Left on South Street

– Left on East Street* (New this year!)

– Left on Memorial Boulevard Westbound Lane* (New this year!)

– Right on North Main Street

– Ends at City Hall



With these Parade changes, Mellen Street and the Boulevard lane closest to the ball field will now be activated with vendors and activities all day Saturday and Sunday.

The size of the event should work up plenty of appetite to be satisfied with an array of food trucks and food vendors from Chunky Tomato’s pizza truck, to Caribbean Food Concepts food truck, Windover BBQ truck, Gypsy Joe Nitro Brewed Coffee truck, Sultan Kebabs food truck, Wafflemania food truck, South County Crepes & Wraps, Macke’s gourmet Sliders, Jakes Wayback Burger, 50 West Restaurant, Deb’s Cafe’s fried deserts and offerings, to Hardcore Cupcake, fudge, caramel apples, and many more!

Add to that vendors such as the Arts Walk, crafters, novelty sellers, museums, businesses, food products, and non profit organizations will makeup the more than 125 vendors that will provide great variety to festival goers.

“There’s something for everyone,” said Adams. “We’re ecstatic how it has grown so quickly, and we think people and families coming to enjoy the weekend events will be really happy. So come and have a blast!”


For more information on the 2016 Mum Festival & Parade please visit: or

General Festival Inquiries

Mark Walerysiak Jr., Festival Chair

p: 860.584.4726


Vendor Inquiries

Andy Adams

Vendor Chair


Parade Inquiries

Jack Ferraro

Parade Chair


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