THE HEART OF BRISTOL: Bristol Auto Body Welding Company

Three Generations of Quality Work and a Commitment to Good Customer Service Help Bristol Auto Body and Welding Company Thrive for More Than 90 Years

Address: 101 Park St, Bristol, CT 06010

Phone: (860) 583-8236

Bristol Auto Body Welding Company was founded by Lucian “Nuchie” Napolitano in 1927 and has remained in the family ever since. It is now being run by Nuchie’s grandson, Pat Napolitano. The business was originally located in a one-bay garage on School Street and around 1952-1953, according to Pat, his grandfather purchased a lot on Park Street and built the garage where Bristol Auto Body is now located at 101 Park Street in the West End of Bristol.

Pat has been running the business for almost 30 years and currently has two other Autobody Technicians working with him to serve their loyal customer base. Pat says business in Bristol has been great for him. He attributes his loyal customer base to three generations of quality work and a commitment to good customer service. The continued success of the business is due to the three simple principles that Nuchie established when he opened the business in 1927:

  1. Do the very best job you can
  2. Always give a fair price. “Everyone has to put shoes on their kid’s feet,” says Pat!
  3. Be “straight” with people. Honesty is always the best policy.

Pat continues to run the business today based on these principles and believes that is why Bristol Auto Body continues to be successful. After more than 90 years in business and with the blood, sweat, and tears of three generations of his family, Pat Napolitano says he’s proud to call Bristol his home, and that he couldn’t see moving the business anywhere else.

“We were all born and raised in Bristol,” stated Pat, “and I’m really proud to call Bristol home and to do business here. I love this town and all the people in it.”

Call Pat at 860-583-8236 to make an appointment. Business hours are Monday through Friday 9 am- 5pm.

Pat Napolitano, owner of Bristol Auto Body Welding Company holds an old photograph of his grandfather, Lucian “Nuchie” Napolitano who started the business in 1927. Pat is the third generation owner of this Bristol family-owned business.


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