THE HEART OF BRISTOL: Customer Service and Giving Back to the Community is the Heart of How Dave Hamelin Lives His Life.

Life-long Bristol resident, David (Dave) Hamelin is now enjoying retirement after starting his career as a teenager at the family-owned business then moving to the banking industry then becoming a partner of the family-owned business, Hamelin & Sons.

As a teenager he learned the importance of customer service at an early age – while working at the family business in high school he pumped gas, changed the oil, and did whatever was needed to take care of the customers’ of the business. At the time the business was owned by his grandfather and uncle.

When he graduated from high school, he was presented with an opportunity to enroll in an Officer Training program at a local bank: Bristol Federal Savings & Loan. The five-year program enabled him to learn about all aspects of the banking business – from bookkeeping and accounting to mortgage lending and processing to being a teller and interacting directly with customers. He then became the Head Teller where he quickly formed many relationships with people in the local community. While working at the bank, he became involved in the community serving as a member of the Board of Directors of the banking school, and a business counselor for the Bristol Junior Achievement program. Here is where he acquired his passion for giving back to the community where he loved living and working. His father then purchased the family business from his grandfather and uncle and it became Hamelin & Sons. After working at the bank for several years he went to work for his father and then eventually took over the business with his brother Michael working as a partner of Hamelin & Sons for the past 30 years.

About ten years ago a group of local Bristol citizens along with the Chamber of Commerce wanted to do something to improve the image and safety of the West End neighborhood. The group was given $500 from the City of Bristol to form the West End Association. Since Hamelin & Sons was located in the West End neighborhood, they invited Dave along with the other businesses in the neighborhood to their meetings. After a few years of attending and participating in the monthly meetings, Dave was then approached to become the West End Association’s Treasurer and soon was promoted to Vice President then in 2009 he was voted in as President, the title he continues to hold today. Dave says that he is proud of the many accomplishments of the West End Association during his tenure and hopes that he can continue to be involved in carrying out the Association’s mission to help create and maintain a safe, friendly, family-oriented neighborhood that is filled with thriving businesses, convenient public transportation, attractive amenities, and activities. If you’re interested in helping the West End Association improve the neighborhood’s quality of life, working with City officials to defeat blight, improve residents’ health, and enhance the neighborhood’s cleanliness, you can become a member by visiting their website: West End Bristol

Dave plans to enjoy his retirement years right here in Bristol, travelling to warmer climates during the winter months and spending spring and summers here to enjoy playing golf and be involved in the Bristol community. He currently serves on the Board of Trustees for Wheeler Clinic. Dave says, “I love Bristol and once I take the next few months for being retired to settle in, I plan to look into community organizations and/or City boards or commissions where I can spend my time and talents to continue to give back to the community. For now, I’m enjoying the fact that every day feels like a Saturday – I have to constantly look at a calendar to remind myself what day it is and I am always writing myself notes so that I don’t forget important appointments during the week!”

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