The Emergency Management Department Provides Asssitance and Guidance to the All Heart City to Protect the Bristol Community

The Emergency Management Department at City Hall, is under the leadership of Harley Graime, Director. Working directly for the Mayor and in conjunction with the State of Connecticut Department of Emergency Management and Homeland Security, it is responsible for the public safety, health and welfare for those people who live, work and play in the City of Bristol during times of emergency or man-made or natural disaster. Whether we are in our homes, offices, schools, stores, factories, churches, or places of entertainment emergency management personnel work with our first responders and all other appropriate city departments to provide assistance and guidance to our community so you can rely on them to be diligent in protecting our residents.

The Emergency Management Department serves the community by:

  • Working closely with our first responders, Police, Fire, EMS in times of emergency or disaster
  • Manning the Bristol Emergency Operation Center (EOC) in times of emergency or disaster
  • Providing community education in emergency preparedness
  • Supporting and supervising the Bristol Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Program members
  • Providing student emergency preparedness through the STEP (Student Tools for Emergency Planning) Program
  • Working closely with the Bristol-Burlington Health District to provide support for their emergency operations
  • Providing a community shelter in times of need

A primary goal of the Emergency Management Department is to educate the Bristol community in emergency preparedness so that all residents will be ready in times of threatening environments to be able to take care of themselves and their families. The Department is available to provide preparedness talks to any service club, civic organization, church group, PTO or scout troop looking to become more aware of their surroundings and know what to do in times of emergency or disaster.

The Department also can provide similar talks to community businesses regarding continuity and resilience.

The Bristol CERT members are volunteers trained in basic first aid, CPR, first suppression, search and rescue, communications, and other tasks needed in an emergency to enable them to assist as second responders in times of emergency or disaster. They also assist at many community events providing pedestrian safety and traffic control, communications and first aid.

To arrange an emergency preparedness talk at your organization, school, or business or to learn more about CERT, please call Harley Graime at 860-866-7262.

For more important emergency preparedness information, visit the Emergency Management Department’s web page on the City’s website.

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