Arts & Culture

Impact the community in a meaningful way whether it’s volunteering for local groups or launching and supporting cool projects in town. Be All Heart and make a difference!

Make an impact with your Heart

Groups of citizens who volunteer to contribute something positive to our City based on their passion is one of the reasons that Bristol, Connecticut is the “All Heart” City.

Are you interested in creating an awesome new event for Bristol? Want to spearhead the next public arts project! Join one of the many community organizations or attend the City Arts & Culture Commission meeting and share your ideas.

If your nonprofit organization or civic group has an event you’d like to let the Bristol community know about, click here to request that it be displayed on one of four electronic signs located throughout Bristol.


Bristol’s City Arts & Culture Commission is designed to be the governing body and driving force for Bristol when it comes to the arts, culture, tourism and entertainment events in the City.

Are You  an Artist, Musician, or Entertainer? Join the City Arts & Culture Commission.



The Bristol Historic District Commission has been established to preserve and protect the unique architectural heritage of a portion of the Federal Hill neighborhood in the City of Bristol. Established in 2007, the Commission is composed of five regular members and three alternates, all of whom are citizen volunteers nominated by the mayor and appointed by the City Council.


Community Groups

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