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Aerobics & Toning

Get fit the fun way, great for every age!
Aerobics classes are a perfect cardio workout for all ages and ability levels. Classes meet Monday and Wednesday from 6:30-7:30 pm at Greene Hills Middle School Gym. Fee is $30 for the session or $35 if you want extra stretch from 7:30-8pm for an added wind down.

Bell City Crossfit

Join Bristol's true crossfit training and fitness club!
We are a fitness community of committed and focused individuals in Bristol, CT. We offer both group training classes and one-on-one personal training. Those who train here are determined, dedicated and constantly setting and achieving new goals. There is no fancy equipment or machinery at Bell City CrossFit; just a true training program delivering proven, measurable results. If you decide you’re ready for Bell City CrossFit you can expect hard work, sweat, and the satisfaction that can only come

Club Fitness

Join the club where you can get and stay fit!
Our Bristol club features a huge cardio area with treadmills, ellipticals, incline trainers, arc trainers, stair steppers, upright bikes, recumbent bikes, and more!

Esporta Fitness

State of the art fitness & training facility
The state of the art facility and equipment are familiar and comfortable, but what we are most proud of are the people who are there to serve you. The people who warmly greet you, expertly train you, enthusiastically teach you. lt is the entire team, our best resource, who is dedicated to making your fitness experience an exceptional one.

MF Training

High motivation one-on-one and group fitness training!
Justin Michaels and Nathan Filipiak, two of Bristol's most effective fitness and nutrition experts, have teamed up and have opened an all-inclusive fitness and nutrition studio. Their team of trainers will be bringing an unmatched energy and welcoming atmosphere to our private studio. Located next to Barley Vine and the Bristol Press at 190 Main Street is the brand new 2500 sq ft studio which specializes in 12 week fitness and nutrition programs.

Planet Fitness

Welcome to the judgement free workout zone, for all ages & sizes!
We at Planet Fitness are here to provide a unique environment in which anyone – and we mean anyone – can be comfortable. A diverse, Judgement Free Zone® where a lasting, active lifestyle can be built. Our product is a tool, a means to an end; not a brand name or a mold-maker, but a tool that can be used by anyone. In the end, it’s all about you. As we evolve and educate ourselves, we will seek to perfect this safe, energetic environment, where everyone feels accepted and respected. We are not he

Varasconi’s School of Self Defense Branch of Hamzy’s

Training Champions in Bristol Since 1982


Get fit with this Latin dance-based fitness class!
Zumba is a Latin dance-based fitness class using a fusion of Latin and International music. Class is designed for all ages and ability levels. It is a cardio-based workout with some components of resistance/sculpting training to tone the entire body. Class is so much fun you will barley realize you are working out! Zumba meets on Tuesday and Thursday nights 6:30-7:30pm at West Bristol School with our amazing instructor Linda. Register for Tuesday or Thursdays, or both nights to save!