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Bristol Arts and Innovation Magnet School (BAIMS)

BAIMS Bears Have Grit!
Bristol’s newest inter-district magnet school for middle and high school students.

Bristol Central High School

Silver rated as one of the best high schools.
Earning a Silver rating from US News and World Reports in 2014 as one of the best high schools in the country, the Bristol Central Rams culture encourages students and faculty to be creative, be conscientious, be collaborative, and be committed.

Bristol Eastern High School

Named one of the best high schools in America.
The Lancers proudly help lead the charge in Bristol offering a top 5 educational system in the state of Connecticut.

Bristol Technical Education Center (BTECH)

A hands on path to a bright future.
The vision is simple at B-TEC, providing an exciting hands-on path to a diverse student population through a safe environment that promotes community interaction and student learning from culinary to manufacturing, that’s engaging and prepares them for business and industry as entry level professionals.

Indian Rock Nature Preserve

Where Education and Conservation Meet
Indian Rock Nature Preserve photo
The Indian Rock Nature Preserve occupies and operates on ancestral lands utilized by the Tunxis people and their descendants. The Tunxis people are the original stewards of this land, frequenting this land to hunt and gather resources.

Saint Paul High School

Excelling in academics, service and their Faith.
The St. Paul community is distinguished by the respect, care, and encouragement members give each other to achieve moments of greatness.