The City of Bristol Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) is comprised of volunteer citizens, who are trained in basic life safety and emergency preparedness skills. The program is community based in order to provide rapid and safe care for our residents and to provide support to the City’s emergency personnel in the event of a major incident or large scale disaster. The Bristol CERT Team has made Shelter Administration its primary focus as a means of building team and community awareness, trust and reliability. The team has and will continue further training in order to provide residents and first responders with the most effective support. It will also focus on public education in order to increase the emergency preparedness of all residents in the community. The Bristol CERT Team will expand its mission over time and will specialize in, but not be limited to: Shelter management Traffic control Support for City sponsored events Ham radio communications Aid and assistance with Point of Distribution (POD) activities Assistance with SUV (Spontaneous Unsolicited Volunteers) Coordination with Web EOC Public (Adult and Child) education for home emergency preparedness Enhanced and expanded knowledge through specialized, invited trainers