A photo of a bag of Real Cafe coffee beansCafé Real offers excellent coffee and a great atmosphere of conversation. It brings a family history of coffee to the modern-day with every cup of coffee served and a bag of beans sold. At Café Real, you don’t just get a cup of coffee, but a sense of history and passion for the art of growing and preparing coffee.

Eduardo Garces, the owner of Café Real, is part of a third generation of a coffee-producing family that initially comes from Colombia. While his history is as rich and flavorful as the coffee he serves, Garces is also the first generation to offer those rare beans his ancestors have cultivated for seventy years to the public.

As a local company, the shop sees a lot of support from the community and is the perfect place to get that hot drink you need to start your daA photo of coffee beans being harvested in Colombiay.
In addition to the amazing coffee, Café Real has a full line of custom merchandise.

Visit their website to learn more, for current business hours, or to place an order.

Café Real is located at 156 School Street, Bristol, Connecticut.