Welcome to Immanuel Lutheran School, voted best Pre-School and “One of the Best” parochial schools in the 2013 Reader’s Choice. Immanuel Lutheran School is renowned for academic excellence. Academics and Christian education are at the core of who we are and what we offer our students. Our school meets or exceeds the standards as outlined by the state of Connecticut and has successfully received National Lutheran School Accreditation. As an academically-strong, Christian day school, Immanuel Lutheran School educates your child in a safe and nurturing environment. Teaching children how to read, become confident and think for themselves are critical steps in a child’s personal development and crucial for their ability to lead healthy and happy lives. An added focus on music, sports and group activities further helps your child explore and develop their own unique talents. And, as a small school, your child (and family) can feel “at home” while learning and exploring new friends and interests. Immanuel Lutheran School is also committed to a strong and collaborative partnership between faculty, parents and students – the kind of partnership that we know will better serve our students and their future.