Looking for the perfect place to foster relationships through fun outdoors challenges? The Pine Lake Challenge Course is just the thing for you! They offer adventure programming that foster growth for groups of all kinds including teammates, private agencies, community organizations through creative experiential and adventure-based learning opportunities facilitated by trained and seasoned professionals. Nestled in the woods of a public park, the Pine Lake Challenge Course consists of more than 45 different elements and stations constructed with ropes, and obstacles in a grove of trees and a field. The course will surely test your skills!

The Pine Lake Challenge Course is a professional facility spanning over 40 acres built by Project Adventure, Inc. with five basic program areas that incorporate adventure-based experiences. The Challenge Courses are designed to create challenges for a group of individuals resulting in team-work and communication being key to getting through the course. Other challenges test on an individual scale including sense of balance, trust, agility, perseverance, and leadership skills. The elements and stations can be adapted for comparable adventure based experiences for individuals with physical disabilities. In addition, adventure programs which involve games, initiatives, and portable elements may be delivered to a group at an off-site location. Whether you are 9 years old or 69, if you choose to accept the challenge, this adventure-based facility will provide an exciting and worthwhile experience that will help you grow and learn more about yourself!