Bristol Historic District Commission

To Preserve and Protect the Unique Architectural Heritage of a Portion of Federal Hill

The Bristol Historic District Commission has been established to preserve and protect the unique architectural heritage of a portion of the Federal Hill neighborhood in the City of Bristol. Established in 2007, the Commission is composed of five regular members and three alternates, all of whom are citizen volunteers nominated by the mayor and appointed by the City Council.

The Commission has the responsibility to preserve and protect the various architectural phases reflective of the area, it has the authority to rule on the appropriateness of all modifications that would change the appearance of any district property when viewed from a public street or sidewalk.

Historic district commissions are authorized and regulated by Section 7-147a through Section 7-147o of the Connecticut General Statutes.

To learn more about this commission, for a schedule of regular meetings, and useful links, visit the City of Bristol’s website.

111 North Main Street, Bristol, CT, USA