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Culture and Art In Bristol

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Bristol’s City Arts & Culture Commission is designed to be the governing body and driving force for Bristol when it comes to the arts, culture, tourism and entertainment events in the City. The commission grew out of the former city Task Force on Arts and Culture to promote a more arts-friendly community that will in turn stimulate the local economy. Some of the priorities for the commission includes creating a vision and aesthetic for downtown, having a more robust Farmer’s Market, creating kickoff events to promote arts and crafts, by using a consistent social media presence, connecting with Bristol schools, securing grants and creating more visible public art.

Current Members:

  • Lindsay Vigue, Chairperson
  • Samantha Cloutier
  • Kim Villanti
  • William T. Stortz
  • Juliet Norton
  • Mark Walerysiak
  • Andrea Adams
  • Greg Hahn, City Council Liaison

One of the key initiatives of the City Arts & Culture Commission is to develop and utilize a database of arts, musicians, and entertainers for cultural and promotional events around the City.  If you want to be included in this database, simply fill out and submit the form below.