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Bristol: A Hopeful City

Bristol’s Community Response to the Opioid and Addiction Crisis

Recovery Friendly Community LogoThe Mayor’s Opioid Task Force has produced a series of PSA videos which contain information about the various aspects of the opioid crisis and how it has impacted all demographics of the Bristol community.

Scroll down to view the Telly award winning videos and hear the stories of those that have been impacted by the opioid crisis and the steps Bristol is taking to be a recovery-friendly community.

The City of Bristol has partnered with Bristol Health to help those with substance abuse get the treatment they need. The Police Department now has the discretion to refer people to the ER to determine a treatment path. Click here to learn more about C.O.B.R.A.

Helpful Resources

Help prevent future overdoses and street drug trading:
Bristol Anonymous Tips Line: 860-585-TIPS (8477)

The following resources contain helpful information about opioids, overdose emergencies, and other vital resources for aiding in recovery.

Join the Mayor’s Opioid Task Force: a group of organizations and individuals united in their commitment to reduce the tragic consequences that stem from the use of heroin and other opiates. Click here to learn more.

Working together to fight for recovery.

City of Bristol Recovery Alliance (C.O.B.R.A.)

With police officer discretion, a person in possession of an illegal substance, or who is using a substance illegally, can choose treatment instead of arrest. Community members who would like treatment for their substance misuse can also walk into the Bristol Police Department or Bristol Health’s Emergency Center and request help at any time. The participant will be brought to Bristol Health’s Emergency Center and evaluated for treatment options. This may include starting a medication assisted treatment (MAT), detoxification, Safety Planning or exploring several other options. The participant can expect to have referrals made, appointments scheduled and will work closely with hospital staff and community providers to support their plan for recovery. Our goal is to reduce barriers to ensure our citizens get the help they need.

View PSA video here.

Opioid and Addiction Videos

The Telly Awards Certificate