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Bristol Public Schools

Vision of the Graduate

Bristol Public School students will graduate with the essential academic knowledge, skills, and dispositions that empower them to be self-sufficient and make meaningful contributions in a rapidly changing global society.

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The Bristol Public School District consists of two high schools, two middle schools, two K-8 schools, six elementary schools (K-5), the Bristol Early Childhood Center for children ages 3 and 4, as well as the Bristol Preparatory Academy, an alternative high school, and Bristol Adult Education Center.

Bristol students benefit from a rigorous academic program, taught by talented and highly effective teachers. The curricula are fully aligned with state, national, and Connecticut Core standards. Instructional programs are student-centered, with a focus on the needs of each individual learner offering programs and services for all students’ needs, including, but not limited to:

Interscholastic Athletic Program a comprehensive and balanced interscholastic athletic program which is an integral part of the total educational process.

Special Services – the Bristol school district offers special services to ensure that students who require special education and related services will receive specially designed, high-quality instruction to enhance each student’s academic, social/emotional development in the least restrictive environment.

Gifed Program – the Bristol Public Schools Gifted Program strives to enirch the educational experience for all students. Formally identifired studens are included in pull-out sessions at each school every week. Students work on projects which include research, critical thinking, and creativity.

Family Resource Centers (FRC) – Bristol Public Schools have three FRC locations within the elementary schools to promote comprehensive, integrated, community-based systems of family support and child development services. These centers are located at Greene-Hills K-8 School, Southside Elementary School, and West Bristol K-8 School.

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